Why does someone settle in one of the least populated and "poorest" regions in Europe?
We have been living on the Iberian Peninsula since 1994, spending three years in Andalucia, three years in Portugal and the remaining time here in the Extremadura. Each year is connected with good memories and each year was important for us to learn more about the country, the people and about horses. We have settled down now, but still we make a point of learning more about our surroundings every day.

Back in 1999 we had the chance to buy a piece of land and the following year we started setting out the first buildings. In the meantime we have built a large free stall barn, 9 external box stalls, a riding ring and three corrals, as a priority for us is to enable the horses living in the box to get outside every day. But there are still more changes to be made. Electricity is something that still cannot be taken for granted here in the Extremadura. We are very fortunate to have this in place since October 2005.

What we consider fascinating about the Extremadura is the magnificent landscape and the fact that the region and the local population are completely unspoilt tourism. We do hope that this will not change in the near future. There are no industrial businesses at all in the area which, on the other hand, unavoidably leads to a relatively high level of unemployment.

Our ultimate aim is to offer horse riding holidays not only to the international market, but also to the local riders. Interest in these types of holidays is growing, however good quality packeges are hard to find; this is what we trying to change.We offered the Transportugalia-Trail for almost 20 years. Since 2010 we organize the Extremadura-Trail, we ride to the horse festival of Golegã and for this year new in the program: the Alentejo-Trail. We work together with international agencies like Pferd & Reiter (Germany), Randocheval (France), Trailfinders (The Netherlands)and Hippotours (Denmark).

Come and enjoy a great holiday.

Best wishes,

Finca La Herradura - 06518 La Codosera - Badajoz (España) - Tel: (+34) 629814234